• “The ease of connection has allowed us to amplify our message while cutting down on operations time, giving us the ability to further support our beneficiaries, grow our programs and raise essential funds. Arreva has consistently proved to be our one stop for software and client service.”

    - Jenny Garlach, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley


  • Organization

    Since 1994, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley has been serving the needs of young people, primarily boys and girls ages 6–18, offering after school and summer fun with a focus. Today the Clubs have more than 650 members attending one of two teen centers or two youth clubs located throughout the Quad Cities.


    Their Clubs are in neighborhoods where kids need them the most and where similar resources are not available to them. Members pay no more than $15 per school year and no child is ever turned away due to their inability to pay. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mississippi Valley intentionally keeps their fees low so that they are accessible to all children since their target population are those youth most at risk.


    Because of this dedication to serving the youth in the community, the Clubs rely on additional funds gained through donations and events to continue to provide their assistance in their communities.

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  • The Challenge

    Before they began using Arreva’s ExceedFurther Software, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley was struggling with an array of disparate systems and fragmented databases. Due to the varied levels of individual experience in using the programs, volunteer and staff rotation oftentimes led to incomplete and inconsistent data. For example, it was difficult for staff to recognize if a person who attended a given event was also the same person who made a donation.


    Not long after taking on the role of Resource Development Marketing Director in 2014, Jenny Garlach recognized the center needed a single database that would consolidate their multiple lists into an all-in-one system. The need became even more apparent when Garlach personally sorted through over 15,000 contacts from excel spreadsheets to identify duplicates and incomplete records. She knew she would need a software solution that would allow newcomers to get up to speed quickly and work powerfully enough to free up time for users to focus on the most important tasks of outreach and ultimately raise more funds for the organization.

“Arreva was one place to go for everything we needed. That was the key selling point for us.”

  • The Solution

    After a comprehensive evaluation of various products that could help them consolidate and work more efficiently and effectively, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley selected Arreva’s software. The primary goal was to consolidate and leverage constituents to grow revenue for the Clubs. Purpose-built for nonprofits, Arreva’s one-stop, comprehensive solution made for an obvious choice.


    “With one, intuitive solution and a dedicated, exceptional customer success team, onboarding our staff is easy. The team only has to learn one system, and we have real people to support us, if we need it,” explains Torri Smith, Executive Director.


    “ExceedFurther is all-in-one. We do not have to use separate programs to manage donations, registrations, communications, and donor relations. It is one place to go for everything we need. That was the key selling point for us.”


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