Arreva Releases Definitive Guide to Snapchat for Nonprofits

Today Arreva, the globally trusted advisor and industry leader in cloud-based Donor Relationship Management and Online Fundraising software to nonprofit organizations worldwide, releases the most up-to-date, definitive guide to Snapchat for nonprofits and is the latest addition to educational resources to help nonprofits succeed in building awareness, cultivating and engaging donors, and raising funds in a rapidly changing donor landscape amid generational and digital shifts.  Arreva has also recently hosted multiple webinars focused on nonprofit marketing to younger generations, including “Don’t Change Anything, But Change Everything: Fundraising in a New Generational Landscape,” “3 New Ways to Use Facebook to Reach New Donors,” and most recently, “Converting Armchair Activists to Real-Life Volunteers.

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows its users to send photos and videos that disappear after a certain number of seconds. Users can also create “stories”: compilations of photos and videos that their followers can view. The app is an extremely popular social platform for Generation Z and Millennials and has been the host to many youth-centered ad campaigns.  According to a 2018 Pew Research study, 78% of those aged 18-24 (Gen Z) use Snapchat, and 71% of those users go on the platform more than once per day. Learning to use the app presents nonprofits with an innovative approach to meeting potential volunteers and donors where they are.

Arreva’s digital marketing manager, Kelly Yaker, knew there was a strong need for a detailed guide specifically geared to nonprofit organizations on marketing through Snapchat. “We’re really excited about this new eBook because it’s something that was inspired from our interactions with webinar attendees a couple of months ago. We were discussing outreach to younger generations and when we mentioned Snapchat, our chat box lit up with people asking question after question about how to use Snapchat and even after the webinar ended, we received calls and emails from attendees asking for more information about Snapchat.” It was clear from the questions that arose during the webinars that although, most attendees had heard of the app, they weren’t exactly sure how it worked or what kind of content they should be publishing there.

Arreva’s “Nonprofit Guide to Snapchat” covers everything from setting up a Snapchat account for a nonprofit organization to using updated link and advertising features. It is specifically designed for nonprofit organizations and provides essential advice nonprofits that have never used Snapchat before and has some great tips for Snapchat veterans. Even if an organization has been using Snapchat since its inception, this guide will help them adapt to the latest updates to the app and its capabilities as a marketing tool.

David Blyer, Arreva CEO and President, says “We’re deeply committed to helping nonprofits achieve their mission through software platforms specifically built for nonprofits from our experience across decades focused exclusively on the nonprofit industry.  Our commitment to our customers’ success extends beyond our fully integrated, all-in-one online fundraising and donor relationship management ecosystem to include educational resources that help them thrive from the expertise we share and the trusted advice we provide.”

The eBook is now available for download at this URL: